A Beginner’s Guide to Making Jewellery Tools

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A Beginner’s Guide to Making Jewellery Tools

Jewellery projects may seem a bit daunting and intimidating or time consuming and may put off many people from getting into creating & designing their own jewellery. There are a number of advantages in creating your own jewellery as oppose to buying them off – first and foremost is the satisfaction you get by designing and completing a jewellery piece and satisfy your artistic inclinations. You get to custom design and chop & change what feels right or suit your personality, dress or occasion. You have the added satisfaction of using the choice findings & components to suit your taste and budget. Who knows you may hit the piece that other people would like to own and ask you to design a similar one for them.

The alternative is you by pass the designing stage and sourcing of the jewellery making components, tools and findings and buy something which looks appealing and catches your attention straight away. However, the purpose of this article is to invest in the necessary tools and findings to be able to create your own jewellery for a long time to come.

So lets dig in straight to the nitty & gritty of jewellery and see what’s a must to start your own project.The obvious immediate requirement & a necessity staring you in your face is “Tools” – a must have before you can even spellĀ  jewellery.
There are many tools specialised and generic tools that depending on your budget you can invest in but let’s keep this thread for the beginner to intermediate level and introduce more advance tools later on. You’ll hear many terms in the article but don’t let it intimidate you – what’s more important is that you know what each tools does which will be explained later on.
Ok here it goes you’ll need:

  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • A Crimping Pliers
  • A Flat Nose Pliers
  • A Long Nose Pliers
  • A Round Nose Pliers
  • A Side Wire Cutter Pliers
  • A Split Ring Opener Pliers
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