Welcome to the exotic world of finest online beads in Australia. For nearly 20 years we have been providing the finest online glass, Swarovski Crystal, Acrylic, Wooden and fashion beads.

Browse our selection of the best online beads available in Australia – we are probably the oldest remaining online store opened in the last century (1998) which still exists and serving the beading enthusiasts, jewellery makers and anyone with a passion for beads. What makes us still in the business and adapting to the growing need of beading hobbyists and jewellery makers is our adaptability and the ability to present you the best from around the world as the most affordable prices.


Bestseller beads from our collections

We stock over 7000 different types of beads, jewelry making supplies such as tools and findings and some of the best sellers over the years have been listed below

  1.  Metal beads – with over 270 different types of metal, aluminum, gold dusted, antique and corrugated beads to choose from, we do have a large collection.
  2. Swarovski Crystal Beads are always an all-time best seller due to their top quality that has not been matched by any other maker of crystals and glass beads.
  3. Some of the best sellers in the designer beads and handmade beads are Lampwork beads and Kashmiri beads
  4. We stock some of the best quality sterling silver beads and findings which are imported directly from Bali, Indonesia and represents the finest artistic work on a 92.5 % sterling silver.
  5. Another favorite category which boasts a few best sellers is the gemstone beads category with a collection of impressive gemstones – please do check this category out.
  6. Glass beads category is very vast and we have broken it up into smaller categories to manage it better but to see a collection of all glass beads, sit down in front of your computer as browsing this category will take some time due to the sheer number of different beads to go through.
  7. Wooden beads offer a lightweight & cheap alternative for the beading enthusiasts and are a favorite with teachers and mum for creating children’s jewelry and teaching kids about basic beading.

How to Buу Bеаds Online & Understand Bead Sizes

Buying beading supplies online can be a great experience or a complete letdown. It all depends on how much knowledge you have of what it is you’re buying. When you purchase at your local store you can see and touch the beads, get an idea of the quality for the price as well as knowing exactly what size you’re buying.

When you go online for your beading supplies it helps to keep a few things in mind. Keeping these 6 factors in mind should help you make better online purchases.

1. Selection — Some sites specialize in only one type of beads, like crystals or gemstones, while others have so many choices you may get confused. Does the website you’re considering buying from have a large selection of the type you are looking for?

2. Quality — When buying online you don’t have the tactile to see and feel exactly what you’re getting. In a craft or beading store, you can examine the beads to determine the quality and feel confident about what you’ve chosen. Not so easy when you buy online. Here you will have to look carefully at the photos (and some sites let you enlarge the image for a better view) and rely on the reviews of other buyers as to the quality.

3. Price — Some beads are easy to price compare. If you want to buy Swarovski Crystallized Elements or beads, they are uniform in color and size so it’s easy to find an online store with the best price (don’t forget to factor in shipping cost). For other types of beads, it’s not as easy to be sure you’re getting the right price. But you can still compare based on the description of the item. I recently purchased mixed gemstone donuts from 2 different sites — the quality from each was comparable, but the price was higher on one — and not only did the higher priced supplier have a higher shipping cost, but they also charged a handling fee. When you know the type and size you want to buy online, price comparing is much easier.

4. Shipping — does the website offer free or reduced shipping? If it’s free, will it take forever to get to you? If you’re paying for it, when can you expect it? Is there free shipping after reaching a certain purchase amount? Be aware that some sites also charge a handling fee — that plus paying to ship has just increased your cost per bead.

5. Coupon — is there a discount coupon code available or a free shipping code? A Google search for the name of the website and the words “coupon code” will help you find these. Be careful not to sign up for anything, though. Some good coupon code sites do not require sign-up. The codes are submitted by other customers who have discovered them and are sharing. Not all, but a good number of sites selling quality beading supplies at good prices will send you coupon codes by email after your first purchase.

6. Size — the sizing of beads is tricky for those of us in the U.S because beads are sized according to the metric system and we learned to size things in inches. You need to know that 4mm is a pretty small and that 30mm is fairly large.  Many of the findings you use when beading are sized in millimeters like wire and jump rings. Find a good online size chart before buying any beading supplies online.

I didn’t know how important these factors were when I made my first online purchase. It was from a well-known auction site and the photo of the beads showed some interesting shapes and sizes. I ordered them, paid a huge shipping fee and they took forever to get to me because they were from China. When they arrived I was very disappointed – there were some nice ones, but most of the package was filled with white bugle and seed beads. I’m still trying to figure out how to use them! I learned a valuable lesson from that purchase and developed these 6 factors to look for. I hope they help you in your online bead supplies purchases.


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