Only the best beading findings & beads

Australia beads is built its reputation over the last 20 plus years on great service, the best fashion beads, beading tools and jewellery making findings in Australia – coupled with the cheapest prices as well as top class service. Everyone claims about their cheapest prices bu we actually challenge bead buyers to search the web and shop around before comparing the bes prices on the web to our prices. Take the challenge and shop around, we are confident you’ll buy beads from us.

Now what is is that Australia beads has which differentiates us from other online or physical beading stores in Australia?  Well according to a survey done on our behalf whihc involved our customers of last 20 years, it was definitley the price!!! No brainer there but some of the othjer top answers were quality, speedy service and the vast selection of beads, findings and tools. We have not lowered our standards after being in the beading business for 20 years nor have we dropped the ball on competetiveness or our determination to be the one stop shop for beading enthusiasts and jewellery making professionals.

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Meeting the Talent Behind Sashiko Southwest and Lodi’s Beads

The Joys of Teaching! Meeting the Talent Behind Sashiko Southwest and Lodi’s Beads

Rrecently I was in New Mexico teaching workshops hosted by The Northern New Mexico Quilters Guild in Santa Fe and The Bead Society of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I taught my Crazy Beading class to The Bead Society of New Mexico, most who had no previous bead embroidery experience. They were a focused group of learners and enjoyed themselves not wanting to stop at our 5pm end time!


That day I learned about two great business which I highly recommend, both whose talented founders were students in this workshop.

Joyce Martin Perz has designed new innovative sashiko patterns, but not of traditional Japanese patterns.  She has created original sashiko patterns printed on fabric with a southwestern theme! Can you imagine Prickly Pear Cactus and pottery designs worked in bugle beads or thread stitches? Oh and other patterns such as a rabbit and fish which are not southwest specific caught my eye too.  Upon further reading I learned Joyce has done her homework and the rabbit and fish are based on designs of ancient people.  Joyce is in the on the left in the front row of the group photo.

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