Metal Beads Have Been Around For Years

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Metal Beads Have Been Around For Years


etal beads are as old as first metal/iron ore was discovered and carved into objects – before gold and other precious metals were used for making jewellery and jewellery making supplies, plain iron was used to make symbolic, cultural and later fashion jewellery. Most common metal beads in used today are ferrous based, aluminium, brass and copper to just name a few.

Metal beads are an essential when designing jewellery, whether it is metal based, a combo set, mixed with gemstones or other glass beads etc. Latest metal beads, like sterling silver beads or nickle based beads are exquisite and offer a variety of new designs, shapes and ideas. Gone are the days when metal beads used to be dense or bulky and weigh a ton – latest metals beads are lightweight (aluminium beads), can be made hollow and mixed with other light weight metals to make an alloy which can easily be bend and worked with.

In this article I’ll try to go over the different metal beads and what they are, what all the terms like alloy, gold plated, bali beads, hill tribe silver, tibetan, Napalese silver, real silver, gold beads, copper, pewter, aluminium beads mean? How best to choose your metal beads and what tarnish quickly over time and how to take care of your metal beads.

Stay tuned as I’ll go over each type of metal bead, its composition, metal make up, its characteristic etc.

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