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New! 3D Bead Embroidery

Beads are 3D, so bead embroidery should be 3D too!

You know the saying: If you have lemons make lemonade?  Well in this case it was: Have bead embroidery UFOs, make a new quilt! I removed the beading from two completed silk quilts which I was never happy with, made a new silk backdrop and added the beading.

Turn Up the Speakers, 2012    The beading is too concentrated in one tight area, to fit a piece of hand painted silk I had purchased for the project. The speakers need space!

This second art quilt with bead embroidery, I eventually added a multi color swirled silk piece as a back drop, which made it way too busy. I was so unhappy, I did not take a photo!

Here is my newest bead embroidery piece Recurring Dream, the latest addition to my mandala series.  Measuring 33-inches wide by 44-inches long it weights 4lbs and has been three years in the making.

Now take a closer look. Jenny Wilder photographed Recurring Dreams to emphasize that bead embroidery is 3D!  Isn’t it beautiful?

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