The Mysterious World of Seed Beads

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The Mysterious World of Seed Beads

Seed beads are wonderful little companion in any beading or jewellery making projects. If you are an amateur or a season jewellery maker, you already have a complete seeds beads collection.  Australia beads offer a vast selection of seed beads already packed in small packs at very affordable prices. Seed beads can be categorised into further sub-categories but in essence these are those little beads which can be used in a stunning array of strings or as filler beads to enhance the theme and effect of any jewellery.

You would have heard many names in the trade and I’ll try to explain basically what they are and how to roughly use them but I leave their use to your creative designs, and to your individual flairs.

Rocailes Beads: Also known by its more technical or brand name of Preciosa Ornela. Since these beads are very small they are machine cut and are consistent in its size and are usually associated with high quality. Their origins are from Italty but since 18th century have been mass produced in Bohemia with latest innovation in technology, most are no precision cut achieved with a laser gun giving the consistency often demanded by embroidery makers and jewellery makers alike. These are often confused with Czech seed beads which are similar in some ways but are not quite the same.

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